Event Filming, Livestreams and Hybrid Meetings

Our clients are keener than ever to make Conferences, AGMs, and Hybrid Meetings even more effective to maximise return on investment, and help ease concerns over travel.

One way to achieve this is to set up a location-based video production hub. This enables Show Running, Hybrid Meeting integration, Live streaming, or fast turnaround shooting and editing on site for ‘on the day’ updates from the event. Wave can provide an end-to-end solution, from staging to streaming and all points between.

Using live, directed multi-camera production we can ensure that your company’s story is told, as it happens.

Videos can also be prepared for playback in the room to reinforce key messages and specific packages recorded to illustrate breakout workshops or specific exercises.


Recent conference clients –

AstraZeneca – Live Global Multicamera Webcast  – Barcelona

AstraZeneca – Live Global Conference Webcast –  Frankfurt

AstraZeneca – Live Global Programme on location in Cheshire

AstraZeneca – Live CEO Global Webcast on location in Cambridge

AstraZeneca – Live Leadership Webcast

Ford Motor Company – Live Multicamera interactive Webcast

AstraZeneca – Live Multicamera interactive Webcast

AstraZeneca – Live, Multicam, ‘flyaway gallery’ conference recording

AstraZeneca – filming and onsite editing in Philadelphia and Cheshire.

CAA – Leadership Conference in Gatwick – filming, on site production hub and PA sound